4 Surprising Facelift Facts!

In this blog, we'll be looking at 4 facelift facts that you may not have already known!


The ever-popular facelift! Some hear the word facelift and instantly conjure up a celebrity’s botched surgery while others may argue that facelifts are solely for women 65+. These facts might surprise you. In this blog, we’ll be looking at 4 facelift facts that you may not have already known!

1. More and More Men are Getting Facelifts Every Year

You mean it’s not just for women? Surprisingly not! When performed successfully by a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon, facelift plastic surgery can work remarkably for male patients. In recent plastic surgery trends, we’re learning that women aren’t the only gender concerned about their appearance and searching for solutions to pesky flaws and anti-aging remedies. Men too are feeling that they can improve their appearance and self-esteem via surgical techniques and are finding great satisfaction and fulfillment in their natural and youthful-looking results.

2. A Facelift Does Not Treat the Whole Face

Contrary to its name, a traditional facelift does not treat the entire face, however, mostly targets the lower two-thirds of the face. The procedure’s focus is to diminish the appearance of jowls and improve the jawline and neck. For those looking for more lift in the midface, eyes, and forehead (for example), a simultaneous procedure may prove appropriate and efficient. If you’re concerned about adding another procedure to your facelift, rest assured your board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon will best advise you regarding the safest and best procedure(s) for you.

3. A Facelift Treats the Muscles

Your first thought could be that a facelift stretches the skin — which is partly true, however, a facelift treats much more than facial skin. For the face to look younger, Dr. Adibfar also treats the underlying structures and muscles. By carefully lifting these muscles and tissues he can recontour the face while addressing lax skin.  He may also add fat graft to areas that may present a loss of volume.   This allows for seamless results that also appear more natural!

4. Each Patient Receives a Different Facelift

A skilled board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon will know facial anatomy and the intricate details and complexities that make each patient unique. Each patient will aspire to different goals and seek their individualized outcome from their facelift. That, coupled with the patient’s unique facial composition, will inevitably require Dr. Adibfar to utilize specialized techniques and methods specifically tailored to the patient and their desired outcome.

We would like to stress the importance of your choice of a plastic surgeon. Of course, you should always pick a qualified and experienced board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon. At Elements Spa, Dr. Adibfar has utilized his unique and specialized skillset to perform many successful facelifts on patients of all genders, ages, and ethnicities. Dr. Adibfar’s practice includes a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, a Doctorate of Medicine, a residency at John Hopkins University, and a postgrad Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery residency. Dr. Adibfar is a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon as well as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, giving him the tools to complete a facelift beautifully, and a skillset that many doctors may not have acquired.

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