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Third Floor
The Art Of Dentistry

Located on the upper floor of the Elements facility, this illuminated space provides the perfect setting for a holistic approach to cosmetic dental care. In anticipation of dental procedures, many patients experience elevated levels of anxiety and stress. For this reason, our dental offices were designed with the specific intention of instilling serenity, confidence and peace of mind. Here, natural materials like glass, stone and wood blend with architectural ingenuity and cutting edge technology to create a truly remarkable space.

Meeting Of The Minds

Our conference room, located on the third floor, is the ideal space for hosting meetings and special events. This spacious room was designed in the interest of professionalism and comfort, overlooking the neighbouring park and providing an abundance of natural light. With integrated audiovisual equipment and built-in wireless Internet capabilities, our conference room is a perfect fusion of beauty and utility.

The Sky's The Limit

Our beautiful rooftop terrace, overlooking Ramsden Park, provides the finishing touch for our exceptional facilities. Offering a spectacular panoramic view of the Toronto skyline, our terrace softens the surrounding rooftop architecture with carefully chosen colours, textures and foliage. Through thoughtful planning and design, the theme of our interior design pours into this exterior space, bringing full-circle our dedication to achieving a harmony between the natural and contemporary.

Second Floor
Nip / Tuck

Nature meets science in the Elements operating room, a 3,000 square foot testament to masterful surgery, state-of-the-art technology, and patient safety. This is the place where our knowledge, tools and expertise combine to cater to our patients every need. The lofty ceilings add to the spacious atmosphere, thus enhancing the comfort of both doctor and patient, while the broad windows offer a majestic view of lush greenery and heritage trees. Every last detail has been meticulously addressed to ensure our doctors’ optimal performance and our patients’ finest care.

Beauty Sleep

Our overnight room represents the epitome of class and sophistication. With finishings rivaling Toronto\'s great hotels, this boutique-style room offers peace and tranquility for those clients recovering from a stressful surgical experience. The room is fitted with a queen-size bed, television, high-speed Internet, coffee, tea and a spectacular view of urban Toronto. The bathroom is spacious, luxurious and features exclusive bath amenities. And of course, nursing care is provided on a 24-hour basis.

A New You Awaits

In designing our recovery room, the hope was to create an environment that was both functional and non-threatening. Successful surgery depends on cooperation, communication and an efficient, stress-free atmosphere. To this end, every detail of the recovery room, from the high-end furnishings to the cutting edge medical equipment, was carefully considered to encourage comfort, relaxation and the building of effective performance and communication. The result is the perfect balance of function and aesthetics that allows us to carry out an exceptional level of patient care.

While You're Waiting

Our family room was developed as a place where guests can gather while a loved one undergoes a surgical procedure. The soft and sophisticated layout of this room was specifically designed to create a calming, comfortable atmosphere. Large windows offer a beautiful view of downtown Toronto and the Yorkville area, while in-room features include television, high-speed Internet, coffee and tea.

Hold My Hand

There is an intrinsic link between ward design and effective patient care. It was with this link in mind that we set out to design a nursing station that combines intuitive design and revolutionary monitoring equipment. The result is a space that successfully caters to the needs of both nurses and patients alike, ensuring that we meet only the highest standards in post-op care. Our nursing station is a key component to daily operations at Elements, and as such, we’ve worked hard to create an environment that is professional, efficient and non-threatening.

First Floor
The Lobby

Our lobby was specifically designed to create an air of comfort and serenity for those clients awaiting consultation or treatment. While its minimalist motif may initially appear sparse, every detail was meticulously considered. Richly finished woods, imported marble and fine leathers speak to an elegance and sophistication that has come to be associated with the Elements name. Our twenty two foot waterfall will amuse the senses while our spectacular onyx fireplace will draw the gaze, bridging the gap between the simple and the extraordinary.

Choose Your Journey

While some might view our Pears Ave. lobby as a mere gateway to the exceptional services offered at Elements, we like to think of it as something more. This sunlit entryway offers privacy and exclusivity for those clients who would prefer to circumvent the main lobby. A beautiful medley of wood, stone, slate and marble endow this space with an organic feel, while a wall of glass provides a beautiful view of the pond and Buddha goddess – a spiritual guide for your journey into the senses.

Let's Talk

With an ever-growing number of available treatments and procedures, modern patients are often faced with a flood information that can prove overwhelming. For this reason, doctor/patient consultation is more important today than ever before. Our consultation rooms were envisioned in the interest of providing a relaxing and supportive atmosphere where all clients can discuss and weigh their options. These rooms offer picturesque views of the building’s surroundings, giving the impression of both seclusion and exposure to nature. Through the design of the consultation rooms, we achieve the perfect balance of luxury, professionalism and intimacy.

Time For Change

For clients seeking comfort and discretion while undergoing injectable treatments, our injectable room delivers an exquisite harmony of both function and style. With its minimalist décor, soft lighting, hardwood accents and downy sofa, it would be hard to imagine a more luxurious space in which to receive injectable treatments. Like many of the rooms at Elements, it serves as yet another example of our dedication to the privacy, comfort and security of our esteemed clientele.


Entering our Vichy Shower room is like stepping into a personal rain forest endowed with the power to revitalize, regenerate and restore. Equipped with a wet table and a 7-head Vichy Shower, this room offers the utmost in privacy and tranquility as you indulge in an invigorating massage designed to energize the body, stimulate circulation and relax the senses. This room offers the ideal finale to any body treatment.


Our Spa and Wellness rooms play host to the majority of our therapeutic treatments. These rooms were specially designed for enhanced privacy and functionality, without sacrificing the warmth, luxury and intimacy for which Elements is known. Within these rooms, you\'ll enjoy a variety of personalized treatments for the face and body, intended to boost both inner and outer well-being.


The Medispa room is defined by privacy and exclusivity, where the utmost in luxury meets with state-of-the-art medical technology to create the standard in therapeutic treatments. Every treatment received within this room is highly personalized, offering an unforgettable experience and unbeatable results.

Skin Deep

Our dermatology room is a discrete pocket of space that blends beautifully with the outdoor environment, thanks in part to large industrial-style windows that allow for an abundance of natural light. The walls are painted designer white, giving the room a cleaner look, while floor-to-ceiling Brazilian quartzite creates and a fresh and open feel. Our patients are often surprised by the overall feeling of serenity that imbues this space.


At Elements, we are pleased to offer a private entrance and waiting room in order to best cater to those clients who desire additional discretion. While our primary concern is for the health and well being of our patients and spa patrons, we also go to great lengths in order to preserve the dignity, security and confidentiality of our esteemed clientele.