Dr. Sara Celik

ND, HMC naturopathic doctor / homeopathic master clinician


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Food Allergy/Sensitivity Testing

We offer a variety of blood tests for food allergies and sensitivities. We test for over 200 foods.

Once food allergies/sensitivities are determined, Dr. Celik works with you to create a customized, balanced diet which will improve your uncomfortable symptoms. Foods which are “reactive” are to be avoided for a period of time. Dr. Celik will determine the right time to re-introduce the offending foods.

The AllerGSpot tests for possible sensitivities, along with Candida Albicans. Candida is a type of yeast which is found in a healthy gastrointestinal tract along with other bacteria. For the most part, these microorganisms are completely harmless and problems only arise when Candida overloads the body and there exists an overgrowth of yeast. If you are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms such as digestive discomfort, headaches, extreme tiredness, skin conditions, recurrent illness or depressed immune function, you should consider this test. We can help you determine foods which your body agrees with and foods that you are sensitive to and should avoid.

There exist two different antibodies in allergic reactions, immunoglobulin E (IgE) and immunoglobulin G (IgG). If you experience an allergic reaction immediately after being exposed to an allergen, you have experienced a Type I hypersensitivity reaction (IgE). However, if you feel subtle, uncomfortable symptoms several hours or even days after being exposed to an allergen, this may be a delayed hypersensitivity reaction (a Type III reaction).

It is difficult to determine IgG delayed hypersensitivity reactions without performing the correct test because so many different foods are consumed within this time period. The AllerGSpot test Dr. Celik offers graphs the IgG immune response to different food allergens (along with Candida Albicans) and a customized dietary plan is prepared for you based on your results.

Only a small amount of blood is required to complete the test and once completed, the blood sample is sent to the laboratory for analysis. Results are returned to the clinic within 2 – 3 weeks.