Dr. Sara Celik

ND, HMC naturopathic doctor / homeopathic master clinician


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Vitamins & Supplements

During the last three decades, research has clearly demonstrated a link between major chronic diseases and poor nutrition. The average North American diet is significantly lacking in vital nutrients. This has led many of us to seek alternative approaches to fulfilling our daily nutritional requirements.

With the growing nutraceutical industry, consumers are overwhelmed with the market and unsure of what to buy. We recommend high-quality vitamins/supplements, as the market is saturated with products that are poorly absorbed and filled with binders/fillers. Just how much of the active ingredient are you absorbing?

Many consumers are not aware of the possibility of long term hazardous effects of taking synthetic chemicals on a regular basis in vitamins/supplements. Synthetic chemicals may even contribute to the diseases they are attempting to prevent or treat.