Dr. Sara Celik

ND, HMC naturopathic doctor / homeopathic master clinician


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Holistic Nutrition

Poor appearance, a lack of mental clarity, depressed affect and low energy all result from consistently poor dietary choices. The results of eating poorly will cost you in both the short and long term. If it hasn’t already, unhealthy eating habits will catch up with you.

Dr. Celik believes that no supplement, herb, or pharmaceutical drug will counteract the negative effects of eating poorly. The most powerful influence on one’s health is in the food you eat. Whether you want to improve or maintain your current health status, the single most important choice you make is dietary selection.

Our Naturopathic Doctor will provide you with nutritional eating plans to suit your needs, along with grocery lists, meal plans, and recipes to ensure you have all of the tools in place to successfully maintain a healthy lifestyle.