Brow lift

The eyebrows in females as compared to to those in males tend to be located higher up. Why, this is largely due to various factors. Males tend to have thicker brows- while females tend to have slightly thinner eye brows. Thinner brows makes placement of eye brows in females visually appear higher. In addition, most males have thick supra-orbital ridge which extends from upper margin of boney eye socket till a certain extend of forehead.

Subsequently, eyebrows siting on a ridge,appear lower. In females their is no ridge, therefore eye brows appear to be located above the rim. Women also have in general a larger spacing between eye and eye brow and with slightly thinner eyebrows than men, the appearance overall makes their eye brows look like they are located higher than men. In combination, women also tend to have larger eyes than men. Altogether, these traits make the difference between Male and Female eyebrows. With this in mind, Dr. Adibfar offers different options for eye brow feminization, Male to Female and vice versa, Female to Male.

Their are various options for eye brow feminization:
1) Endoscope brow lift: small incisions made in the scalp (behind hair line) soft tissues are lifted away from the bone. Threads/endotines are used to pull up the brows and then tucked into position. This technique however has its limitations, as it will only achieve a subtle brow lift.

2)Lateral (temporal) brow lift: Incision is made at the temple below the hairline. A small portion of skin is removed and the internal threads are used to keep the brows elevated in upward and outward position. The scar is not as visible.

3)Direct Brow lift: this involves removing a small strip of skin just above the brow, location of skin removal is generally at the upper margin of brow. The gap is then closed,which results in a natural looking lift to the eye brow. With this procedure, the scar is usually very fine, and located over the top of eyebrow. The various options for eyebrow feminization, combined with forehead feminization the results are exceptional.